Friday, October 16, 2009

Pumpkin Prints

The Black Pumpkin is definitely not camera shy. Last Halloween I took her out in the sun for a little photo session, which she just loved. ♥

So I thought maybe you would like a picture or two to hang up at Halloween! I think she would look fetching in a fancy black frame in a group of photos hung together gallery style of costumed children, candelabras and perhaps a few old ghostly photos of your ancestors. I'm actually working on a darkly themed gallery wall in my house and even though it won't be finished for a few more months, I plan to keep it up all year long and will show you all once it's done.

Here are the two photos that will be available in the shop:

"Nestled in Green"

I love the way this photo brings out her reds and purples. She's not just black, she's more of a plumy-eggplant and the way the sun enhances this is just beautiful!

This photo is now available in the shop as an 8x10 in either Metallic or Glossy finish. Printed on Kodak Supra Endura Professional Photographic Paper.

I will also have 5x7s of this next week in either Metallic or Matte finish.


For this photo I wanted to make her look as black as a plump little beetle amongst her orange sisters. She's so black she's almost blue and I'm in love!

"Misfit" in sepia

I couldn't decide which one I liked better because the sepia gives the photo a more fall-ish feel and brings out her purpley-reds so the choice is yours!

The "Misfit" photos will be available next week in either Metallic or Matte finish in both 8.5X11 and 5x7.

Be sure to check the shop next week. =)

I'm off to go paint some moons!

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