Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Best Halloween Dress EVER!

So I must post this because it is some sort of dream find.

It's vintage. 1940's.

It's witchy.

It's orange and black.

Will you LOOK at that collar?

It is from Allen Company Inc. on Etsy.

And if I was a size xs/s I would totally be blowing my money on this RIGHT NOW.
See? Sometimes it pays to be as plump as a pumpkin.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wolfy Pup Boy!

"Woof, woof!"

This is what I think Pup Boy would dress up in for Halloween. Because if you're pretending to be a wolf, no one will know that you really are one, right?

He is "half-naked" in jean shorts and wolf hat - both are fully removeable. I've painted pecs and a six pack on him and his arms are really buff! Pup Boy definitely beefed up for his Wolf costume! LOL!

He is made of mostly muslin and his hair is wool felt. Cut-off shorts are denim with a little frayed edge. The hat is faux fur tied with a satin ribbon. The Black Pumpkin tag is sewn onto his back.

Both Wolfy Pup Boy and Little Unreliable Dracula are in the shop now!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Little Unreliable Dracula!

Allow me to introduce you to our Little Unreliable Vampire dressed in his Halloween best as Dracula!!
He vants to sahck your blahd! Muwahahaha!



He sports a tiny fang (fake, of course) and a drop of blood, like he just partook of a nice, juicy neck. ♥

His little cape is removeable. I just had to give it a little bit of a batmanish twist.

(without cape)

One of my friends, (yay, Karyn!) suggested that even though I state the size of the dolls in their listings, she, being a visual person, would like to see them next to a commonly known object for size comparison. So obviously, everyone knows the size of the Twilight books, hence the following pictures....

Pup Boy

Little Unreliable Vampire

Tiny Dancer

(although her name would indicate she is smaller than the others, this Alice inspired doll is a little bit bigger than the other dolls in the collection so far. She would look great sitting next to your Twilight book collection by herself. I've also had some customers purchase her when their hubby's would complain about a Jacoby or Edwardy doll sitting around. *wink* Smaller Tiny Dancers are in the works and should be available in the next week or so.)
Wolf Pup Boy is getting finished up tonight and both he and Little Unreliable Dracula will be up in the shop by tomorrow morning. There will be 2 available of each for now, the rest are coming with me to the TwilightMOMS New Moon Experience in about 3 weeks.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Woof Woof!

Just wanted to give you a little preview of what I'm working on. Pup Boy in his Halloween costume! I'm reworking the body and clothing for the original Pup Boy to be more New Moon-ish.
He and Little Unreliable Dracula will be in the shop either late Monday or early Tuesday. Stay tuned for more updates and pictures!
♥ TGIF! ♥

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I just finished a whole begaggle of pendants! Some for Halloween, some for Faeries and some for Twilight fans. Take a look and read the discriptions of each. =D

**All pendants come complete with a 16" diamond cut ball chain that sparkles in the sunlight!!

Witchy Craft Thinking Cap

"She discovered she could stir up a greater concentration of craftiness when accompanied by her black hat." -The Black Pumpkin

You don't need to wear this hand-sculpted, hand-painted witch hat on your head to feel especially crafty - you can wear it close to your heart. ♥ This hat is finished off with a multi-colored crystal, glass cube and topped with glossy glaze to give it a scintillatingly, polished glimmer.

Something especially magical happened in the baking process and it sprouted warts on it's underside, which, to me, just add to it's charm and are quite appropriate. -_*

Witch's Dice

Which way is up? Only the craftiest witch knows how to use this peculiar kind of dice.


Hand-sculpted out of clay with great care, baked and then painted to resemble round dice, this pendant would add charm to any witchy black ensemble. It is topped with a glossy glaze for a magical, entrancing shine.


Faerie Footrest

If faeries can fly, do their feet ever get tired?

Sure they do! Why else would there be tiny, kitchy mushrooms such as this? This pendant has been hand-sculpted with great care, baked and then hand-painted in the likeness of very gnomey-colored mushroom. Lastly, it was finished with a glossy glaze to glimmer like a faerie wing.

Check out the sparkle of the ball chain!

Lost Elf Shoe

Somewhere out there's an elf with one bare foot.

This elf shoe has been hand-sculpted with great care, baked and then hand-painted to resemble a tiny elvin shoe that perhaps got left behind by one of Santa's elves in her haste to hide from you. It has been finised off with a small Swarovski crystal to give it a little twinkle and topped with a glossy glaze for a polished shine that only a persnickety Santa elf would sport.
Forbidden Fruit

"There was just something about him being the one to make the choice..."
- Stephenie Meyer, Eclipse, chapter 14, pg 324

This pendant was hand-sculpted out of clay with great care, baked and then painted to look similar to the apple on the cover of "Twilight" with it's subtle patches of yellow. It was then topped with a glossy glaze to give it lots of shine!

The Fruit of the Tree

...the tree of knowledge, that is.

Perfect for any teachers or Twilight fans in your life, this pendant was hand-sculpted out of clay with great care, baked and then painted in the likeness of a Red Delicious apple. It was topped with a glossy glaze to give it an extra juicy shine!

For the next series of pendants, it was pictures like this that inspired me. A lone wolf baying at a lost moon...

the little points of light and the deep, dark craters...

The array of colors when tinted a certain way...

The way an orange moon almost looks like a sun...

Lost Moon

"I was like a lost moon — my planet destroyed in some cataclysmic, disaster-movie scenario of desolation — that continued, nevertheless, to circle in a tight little orbit around the empty space left behind, ignoring the laws of gravity."
-Stephenie Meyer, New Moon, Chapter 9, p.201
Firey orange

This pendant has been hand-sculpted from clay, baked and then hand-painted to resemble a full moon, tinted by the earth's atmosphere.

It is finished off with a small, AB Swarovski crystal which, as you can see from the picture, reflects light onto the bottom of the moon adding to it's luminosity.

It is also topped with a glossy glaze that relects light in such a way it almost seems the moon is glowing from within, surrounded by the darkness of space.



All of them are now in the shop!
Now to go work on more dolls. =)

Have a wicked Wednesday!