Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Perfect Witchy Shoes

It's really too bad that I'm not a size 4.5 wide or else these would SOOOOOOO be mine!

Who the heck IS a 4.5 these days anyway? That is my age, anyway...

Thursday, December 17, 2009

New Dolls!

Finally here and in the shop!

Meet the new version of Tiny Dancer, complete with an accessory for you!

This Tiny Dancer is inspired by Alice from the Twilight series of books by Stephenie Meyer. Her body is made from blue corduroy and hair and pants from felt. Her face is hand painted by me. Her outfit was inspired by an outfit worn by Ashley Green from the movie, The Twilight Series: New Moon.

Alice loves to dress you up so Tiny Dancer sports a removable silk scarf that you can wear too - tie it in your hair or wear it around your neck in all sorts of ways. (See post below this for pictures of me sporting the scarf)

We all know how helpful Alice can be and so is this doll! There is a small string tied to her wrist that fastens to a button on her opposite hand so that her hands can be clasped together and this allows her to hold small objects for you or to hold onto Chill Pill's arm.

Now meet Chill Pill!

Chill Pill is inspired by Jasper from the Twilight series of books by Stephenie Meyer. He's "Chill" because anyone he meets is calmed by his very presence yet he's also a "Pill" because of his appetite control issues. He sports an outfit made of gray felt reminiscent of a Confederate soldier uniform.

He even has crazed out hair and eyes that seem to hypnotize me. He is just oh, so cute!

I snagged these buttons a few years ago. I've always loved the unicorn and lion crest but had no idea what project to use them for. This doll seemed like a good fit - he needed buttons that looked "official".

Just an FYI: My shop will be closed starting Monday, December 21st - January 4th, although I may open up a little early depending on how fast I can get my house organized.

Yes, Christmas break is the official *Project Organization* for my office which I now dub
"The Enchanted Witchery".

Yet not so enchanted right now. =/

Happy Holidays!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New pendants and a slight delay

I should know by now that these shop updates usually take me about 6 hours, depending on how many photos I need to edit. So, if you were following along today, you probably got bored waiting for new things to post in the shop. So sorry...

Here are pictures of the new Lost Moon pendants and earrings...

I was able to get everything new up except the dolls. I was sewing as I was posting and when I got to the face of the Alice doll I drew the nose too high. She ended up looking quite snobby and we can't have that. Alice needs to have a friendly expression, in the very least. So now I have to wait until the disappearing ink dries to finish painting her face.

I will be posting her and the new Jasper doll "Chill Pill" tomorrow after I can take some decent pictures.

However, I have to give you a little preview of the Alice doll. Actually, it's not a preview of the doll, it's of an accessory that she comes with.
After all, wouldn't Alice be the first to help you accessorize?

I had fun tonight with her scarf....

It's a scarf that both the doll or you can wear in all sorts of fashionable ways:

See you tomorrow and here's hoping her face will behave.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Little Unreliables Christmas Plaques!

Most of you have seen my Twilight inspired Christmas Postcards. They are prints made from the original paintings I did on these wood plaques. I am selling these original paintings in my shop update tomorrow, however the cards will still be available now through December, as well as holiday seasons to come and I will also be selling prints, print sets or other various items featuring these Christmas characters in the future too. So they won't be gone forever, but how nice to own an original! The plaques themselves are so cute, they would make great Christmas decorations.

Little Unreliable Angel Vampire
5x7 acrylic on wood

*The back of all the plaques will have their corresponding Christmasy greeting as seen on the back of the postcards. The greetings will be handwritten by me complete with my signature.
Back of this plaque: "Oh, come, let us adore him!"

Wolfy Pup Boy
5x7 acrylic on wood
Back of plaque reads: "Jacob with your nose so bright, won't you guide the dog sled tonight?"

Little Unreliable Santa Vampire
6.5x9 acrylic on wood
Back of plaque reads: "I saw my Twilight Mommy kissing Santa Claus."

I love the little swirls on his hat I was able to create with the paint.

Chew Toy
5x7 acrylic on wood
Back of plaque reads: "All I want for Christmas is Edward's two front teeth."

Tiny Elf Dancer
6.5x9 acrylic on wood
Back of plaque reads: "She knows if you'll be bad or good, so be good for goodness sake!"

Chilly Chill Pill (Jasper inspired)
5x7 acrylic on wood
Back of plaque reads: "All is calm, all is right."

I left his hair the color of the wood. I love how this turned out!

Just wait until you see the Chill Pill (Jasper) doll! He will be part of the update tomorrow too.
Stay tuned - more posts about new items to come possibly later tonight or early tomorrow before the update!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Shop Update!

I'm finally getting around to blogging about the items I took with me to the Utah New Moon Experience. I got most of the left over items up in the shop right after returning home from Thanksgiving in San Diego and most of them are still available to purchase!

There is a New Moon version of everyone's favorite Little Unreliable Vampire. He is sporting the black suit Edward wears for most of the movie when he is parted from his beloved Bella. This suit even has little, shiny, royal blue buttons to match Edward's collared shirt. He needs someone to love him while he is away from Bella - won't you give him a home?

I have a few left. You can find the listing here.

Next up is the ever HILARIOUS Space Heater Special!! I thought I would make it more affordable to put together some doll sets so you don't have to purchase each doll individually. This set comes with Chew Toy, Wolfy Pup Boy and a sleeping bag and when bought all together like this it is less expensive than buying individually. This got many laughs at the convention!

There is one left in the shop and you can read all the details about it in the listing here.

The other doll set is the Fire and Ice Deluxe Set that is basically the Space Heater Special + a Little Unreliable Vampire (New Moon version or Twilight version). I can't WAIT to see this chapter come to life in Eclipse!!

This set recently sold out, but I will have another available in the Christmas Shop Update next week!

And of course, to go along with the Little Unreliables Christmas Card Set, I whipped up some Twilight ornaments! I ♥ the vintage look of tinsel so I had to use it. The ornament comes complete with an AB sparkly rhinestone hanging from the bottom and a wire hook for hanging on the tree. These are really inexpensive and would make a great ornament exchange or package topper for your favorite Twilight-loving friend!

There are 3 left in the shop right now, but possibly more next week for the update. You can find the listing here.

The best part about them is the catchy phrase derived from The Night Before Christmas - Twilight style, on the back...

I also updated the original t-shirt versions of Pup Boy with their own hats for when they phase on the fly. I just can't get over how cute they look sporting their hats with the funny chapter heading on their shirts! Especially this one... The Wizard of Oz!! LOL!

You can find the listings for these Pup Boy dolls here, here and here. All of them now come with a hat.

Looking for the perfect stocking stuffer for the Twilight fan? I have two sets of photo packs that are just the ticket!

These packs would also be great gifts for any scrap bookers in your life who love Twilight. This first pack has 18 true digital 4x5 photos of Forks, La Push and Rialto Beach in Washington's Olympic Peninsula, including some of the Hoh Rainforest and First Beach.

The photos I took turned out gorgeous and I thought it would be nice to share them with others who have either had the privilege of going there and want some mementos, or for maybe some of you folks overseas who might not be able to make the trip at this time. This would be a great way to get a taste of the magical, enchanted landscape there.

This listing can be found in my shop here.

The 2nd photo pack of 11 is of some of the sets for Twilight in Portland, Oregon. Portland, or *Portlandia* as I've heard some call it, is a beautiful place on it's own. However, when coupled with Twilight it's even prettier!

I had the privilege of exploring many of the places in which they filmed scenes from the movie. This pack contains pictures of the greenhouse (the Forks High field trip), Multnomah Falls (seen in some pictures from the movie making-of as well as in the background of the baseball field during the baseball scene), the baseball field itself, and the mossy rocks near the Columbia River where Edward tells Bella more about his family.

My favorite pictures have to be from the baseball field. There was a hauntingly beautiful, mossy, branchy tree there that had a grave-like bed of tiny, yellow flowers at it's base. I wonder who, if anyone, might be buried there?

You can find the listing for the Portland photo pack here.

Last but not least, I wanted to share with you a little something I'm just tickled blue about! They will be in the shop next week for the Christmas update!!

Little Unreliable Vampire button pins! This is the same image from my original painting of my favorite vampire sporting his angel wings and halo. His card in the Twilight Christmas Card Pack is the "Oh, come, let us adore him!" card.

This button measures 1.5" and would be a perfect accessory to your holiday attire!

He's Christmasy but not too Christmasy so you can wear him year-round. It's like having a little angel on your shoulder at all times! (Don't you like how I coupled him with my Forks hoodie? He would be even cuter on a more elegant, girly shirt but I'm sorta bumming it today. Hahah.)

Little Unreliable Vampire likes wearing buttons of himself. He KNOWS he is so freakin' cute and full of awesome.

These will be available to buy individually or in sets of 5 - perfect for gift giving and TwilightMOM get togethers!

Be on the lookout for more posts about items that will be available in the Christmas update next week, including original paintings and new dolls!
You don't want to miss it!