Wednesday, December 16, 2009

New pendants and a slight delay

I should know by now that these shop updates usually take me about 6 hours, depending on how many photos I need to edit. So, if you were following along today, you probably got bored waiting for new things to post in the shop. So sorry...

Here are pictures of the new Lost Moon pendants and earrings...

I was able to get everything new up except the dolls. I was sewing as I was posting and when I got to the face of the Alice doll I drew the nose too high. She ended up looking quite snobby and we can't have that. Alice needs to have a friendly expression, in the very least. So now I have to wait until the disappearing ink dries to finish painting her face.

I will be posting her and the new Jasper doll "Chill Pill" tomorrow after I can take some decent pictures.

However, I have to give you a little preview of the Alice doll. Actually, it's not a preview of the doll, it's of an accessory that she comes with.
After all, wouldn't Alice be the first to help you accessorize?

I had fun tonight with her scarf....

It's a scarf that both the doll or you can wear in all sorts of fashionable ways:

See you tomorrow and here's hoping her face will behave.

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  1. Such a great perfection I see in these pendants, simply gorgeous and appealing. A little curious about the fabric of this scarf. is it comfy?