Monday, December 14, 2009

Little Unreliables Christmas Plaques!

Most of you have seen my Twilight inspired Christmas Postcards. They are prints made from the original paintings I did on these wood plaques. I am selling these original paintings in my shop update tomorrow, however the cards will still be available now through December, as well as holiday seasons to come and I will also be selling prints, print sets or other various items featuring these Christmas characters in the future too. So they won't be gone forever, but how nice to own an original! The plaques themselves are so cute, they would make great Christmas decorations.

Little Unreliable Angel Vampire
5x7 acrylic on wood

*The back of all the plaques will have their corresponding Christmasy greeting as seen on the back of the postcards. The greetings will be handwritten by me complete with my signature.
Back of this plaque: "Oh, come, let us adore him!"

Wolfy Pup Boy
5x7 acrylic on wood
Back of plaque reads: "Jacob with your nose so bright, won't you guide the dog sled tonight?"

Little Unreliable Santa Vampire
6.5x9 acrylic on wood
Back of plaque reads: "I saw my Twilight Mommy kissing Santa Claus."

I love the little swirls on his hat I was able to create with the paint.

Chew Toy
5x7 acrylic on wood
Back of plaque reads: "All I want for Christmas is Edward's two front teeth."

Tiny Elf Dancer
6.5x9 acrylic on wood
Back of plaque reads: "She knows if you'll be bad or good, so be good for goodness sake!"

Chilly Chill Pill (Jasper inspired)
5x7 acrylic on wood
Back of plaque reads: "All is calm, all is right."

I left his hair the color of the wood. I love how this turned out!

Just wait until you see the Chill Pill (Jasper) doll! He will be part of the update tomorrow too.
Stay tuned - more posts about new items to come possibly later tonight or early tomorrow before the update!


  1. These are so funny, especially with the captions. My favorites are Bella and Jasper. Nice work!