Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Little Unreliable Dracula!

Allow me to introduce you to our Little Unreliable Vampire dressed in his Halloween best as Dracula!!
He vants to sahck your blahd! Muwahahaha!



He sports a tiny fang (fake, of course) and a drop of blood, like he just partook of a nice, juicy neck. ♥

His little cape is removeable. I just had to give it a little bit of a batmanish twist.

(without cape)

One of my friends, (yay, Karyn!) suggested that even though I state the size of the dolls in their listings, she, being a visual person, would like to see them next to a commonly known object for size comparison. So obviously, everyone knows the size of the Twilight books, hence the following pictures....

Pup Boy

Little Unreliable Vampire

Tiny Dancer

(although her name would indicate she is smaller than the others, this Alice inspired doll is a little bit bigger than the other dolls in the collection so far. She would look great sitting next to your Twilight book collection by herself. I've also had some customers purchase her when their hubby's would complain about a Jacoby or Edwardy doll sitting around. *wink* Smaller Tiny Dancers are in the works and should be available in the next week or so.)
Wolf Pup Boy is getting finished up tonight and both he and Little Unreliable Dracula will be up in the shop by tomorrow morning. There will be 2 available of each for now, the rest are coming with me to the TwilightMOMS New Moon Experience in about 3 weeks.

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