Friday, September 25, 2009

Grand Opening of The Black Pumpkin Today + Unveiling of Chew Toy!

Our Little Unreliable Vampire hears something in the bushes with his super vampire hearing...

Oh! Who could that good-looking plushie be?

It's Chew Toy!! Little Vamps' only love. ♥
And she's gone and gotten massacred by some random mythological creature... again.

It's okay, Chew Toy.... you can always count on your handsome vampire doll to make everything all better. ♥

So the grand opening has officially started in the shop!

I've listed 5 "Little Unreliable Vampires", 3 "Chew Toys", 2 "Tiny Dancers" and 2 "Pup Boys".

There are 2 Edward dolls with big, chunky thrifted blue-grey bottons, 1 with big, chunky, thrifted silver buttons and 2 with small blue stock buttons (these dolls cost a little less because these smaller buttons aren't as unique).

For examples, see below...

Presenting the Bella Swan inspired doll = Chew Toy!

Here is her official description:

Inspired by Bella Swan from the Twilight Saga, this little lady is called Chew Toy! As the heroine/sometimes damsel in distress, she can get pretty chewed up and torn apart by vampires, werewolves and other monsters out to get her.

She features a strawberry shaped body (for Bella's strawberry shampoo), iconic green shirt like in the movie, a removable scarf for staying warm in chilly Forks, skinny jeans with a little fray at the bottom, and arms and legs that button on and off so that you can be all the king's horses and all the king's men and put Bella back together again!

All the Chew Toy (Bella) and Tiny Dancer (Alice) dolls are similar in material color and face. Button colors for Chew Toy may vary but will, of course, coordinate with her outfit. =)

I'm also in the process of listing my Twilight inspired prints so they will be available too!

Yay for shop openings!!!!!
*throws confetti and serves everyone hot apple cider and pumpkin-cream cheese cupcakes*

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