Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What is The Black Pumpkin?

I have a black pumpkin. She's a decorative pumpkin mind you, but her personality is very real to me. I found her at a home decor store and when I saw her wonky shape I just had to have her! And black is my favorite color so she seemed destined to be mine. ♥ I'm pretty sure if she had grown from the ground she would be classified as a Fairytale pumpkin - the kind Cinderella would have ridden in.

Depending on the light she's in, she can be a dark black or an eggplant color with deep reds and purples. She's just so rich and bold.

And she's the crowning glory to my Halloween decor, of course. She loves the spotlight - to be front and center. She looks pretty wicked surrounded by potions, crystal balls and candelabras, I must say.

I kept repeating the phrase, "My black pumpkin" when I first got her and was placing her all over the house. The phrase stuck with me and when I dreamed of opening my own shop with all of the fantasy and faeries and darkness I love, I thought this would be the PERFECT name for it.

When dreaming of my shop, I could see my shop sign displayed proudly above the doors just like my new logo above. I'm so pleased with how it turned out! I can't wait to show you the business cards and other supplies I just ordered when they arrive!!

This is my first ever Black Pumpkin painting!! Not bad for the first try, eh? It will be used in all my logo goodness for a while. =)

So I hope you will join me on my journey and check back often as there are many more Black Pumpkin updates coming soon! I hope you have as much fun as I will!

Have a delightfully dark weekend. ***


  1. I have to know how you did your green witch make-up??

  2. Yay! The waiting is about to come to an end. I'm so excited!

  3. Stunning! Absolutely Stunning!! Love it, and your store! <3