Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Lately, I have not been making dolls, but I have been making art. I have been working at a home decor chain in Utah called Rod Works for the past 2 years. What a rewarding job! My fellow employees and I unpack boxes of treasures, never knowing what they will be until opened. It's like Christmas! Then we merchandise these goodies, placing them with other like items where we then create displays that invite, excite and suggest, leaving customers with tons of fun, new ideas for their home. When your work is like play - does life even get any better?   

 I have worked in the home decorating industry for the last 12 years. I have been shopping and arranging home decor for most of my life. My mom had an eye for it and has been taking me to gift shop boutiques since as far back as I can remember. After watching the 1980s flick Mannequin, I knew one of my life-long ambitions would be to create store displays.

 The above is one of my last displays. I created it with the help of my co-worker, Ashley, using the Rod Works' signature Frame Rod and Fake Hang.

 I have to admit that I love the little iron owl I added in the middle of this vignette.

And how about hanging this metal wall art upside down? With the leaves hanging down instead of up, it almost reminds me of a tribal necklace.

My last day at Rod Works was last week. I'm staying on the payroll for emergencies but won't be working regularly since I will be starting school full time in the fall. I know I am going to miss this place so who knows? I might just find myself back there again after graduation in 2014.

For now it's on to late summer vacations, then read, study, do an art project, read, study, make more art, etc. Even though this will be crazy with 3 kids to run after, I am looking forward to it with much anticipation. =)

happy summer! 

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