Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Twilight Inspired Dolls For Sale!

The dolls are in the TwilightMOMS.com shop now. While I am a busy snowbunny in school, the TwilightMOMS have agreed to sell them from their online store so they will not be available in my etsy shop. Other non-Twilight items may be available in my shop from time to time, but all Twilight related merchandise can be found through TwilightMOMS.

Therefore, they will be in charge of shipping and payment, etc.

These dolls make a perfect Christmas present for that special Twilight fan in your life, or for yourself! So bounce like an elf on over to the shop and grab one, two or a few!

Also, they have the few Twilight Inspired Christmas cards that are remaining.

You can purchase them at this link: Twilight Christmas Cards. After these sets run out they will be gone for good so get them while you can!

*Note: Prices are higher than normal because they include shipping. There are very limited quantities of each doll available for shipment in time for Christmas. If these sell out, all other orders will be pre-orders and will not ship out until late January/early February!!!

Here are the links to each doll:

Purchase Little Unreliable Vampire (Edward in pea coat) here

Purchase Mrs. Unreliable Vampire (Bella in honeymoon dress) here

Purchase Mr. and Mrs. Unreliable Wedding Set here

Purchase Mini Unreliable Half-breed (Renesmee in pink and green dress or blue and white dress) here
*Make sure to indicate which color choice you want in the "comments" section of check out.

Purchase Wolfy Pup Boy (Jacob with wolf hat) here

Purchase Chill Pill (Jasper in uniform) here

Purchase Tiny Dancer (Alice with scarf accessory for you) here

As always, any questions you have about the dolls can be directed to my email: Britten@twilightmoms.com

Happy Holiday shopping, pumpkins!

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