Saturday, November 12, 2011

My Dollies Have Been Yahooed!

Yes, folks, The Black Pumpkin dolls were spotted in a Yahoo Movies video with my friend and fellow TwilightMOM, Charlotte! She has the raddest Twilight room you have ever seen, which includes my Edward in his blue pea coat and an older version of Alice in her Twilight-colored outfit. They sit atop one of her many bookshelves filled with Twilight memorabilia and are the bookends to her Twilight hotwheel collection.
Sweetness. You can view the video here.
And I'd like to give a shout-out to Charlotte who did us TwilightMOMs proud and showed the world what a REAL TwilightMOM is: beautiful, sophisticated, intelligent, crafty, friendly, and fun who is also a great wife and mom and happens to have Twilight as her hobby. If this is her trophy room, I'd say she's a true champion.

Way to represent, girl!!
p.s. pictures of the Renesmee doll coming early next week!


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