Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Twilight Inspired Christmas Postcards!

Where have I been?

Well, sewing and painting my little arms off, that's where! I was anxiously getting tons of dolls, pendants, prints and pumpkins ready for my trip to the Utah New Moon Experience where I was a vendor in the TwilightMOMS store. I had a wish list of things I wanted to make and take with me, which seemed to change on a weekly basis the closer the convention got. However, I was very pleased with the resulting array of merchandise I was able to finish in the short time I had. (p.s. I'm finding as I go along this artistic adventure that I don't like to stick to a schedule so any dates and goals for certain items I have previously posted, although I still plan on putting those items in the shop at some point, are heretofore thrown out, just so you know. ...the dates, I mean.)

I do have some goods left over from my vending there and those will go up on my blog and in the shop next week after Thanksgiving and just in time for Christmas, but first, I wanted to show you my Twilight Inspired Christmas Postcards that are now in the shop! I know most of you like to start your Christmas correspondence early so here's your chance!

These are a part of my Twilight inspired series I'm calling "Little Unreliables" which includes all of the Twilight inspired dolls I have made so far (and lots more to come there too!) I painted each image on a wooden plaque which I then had printed onto postcards with a cute, corresponding Christmasy/Twilightish phrase.

The left side of each of the following pictures is the front of the card and the right side of the picture is the back.

"Jacob with your nose so bright...
"won't you guide the dog sled tonight?"

Edward Cullen
"I saw my Twilight Mommy kissing Santa Claus."

"With Jasper...
... all is calm, all is right."

"Oh, come, let us adore him!"

"She knows if you'll be bad or good,
so be good for goodness sake."

"Bella says,

"All I want for Christmas
is Edward's two front teeth."

*Each package contains 12 postcards and 12 envelopes.

*They are multi-packs so you will receive 2 of each of the six designs you see here.

*The postcards have a beautiful glossy finish for the print on the front and a matte finish on the back with the text.

*Each card will not contain the copyright watermark on it

My clever husband helped me on that last phrase for Bella. Hee hee! Couldn't you just die of laughter? I know I did! I was giggling the entire time I was painting these little characters.

Have a special set of Twilight-loving friends and family that would get a kick out of these cards? Then bounce like a snow bunny over to the shop and snatch up a batch or two before all of the Christmas elves grab them for themselves....


  1. OMG, No you didn't! Don't even tempt me with those twilight x-mas post cards! TOo cute!

    I linked your dolls on my blog this week! Tooooo cute! Want them!

  2. britten witten...i LOVE them...I hope you sold a ton at the convention...i love you...wish we were together for thanksgiving...I hope it's the exact same as always.

  3. Mama Bird - thank you so much!! And yes, tempting aren't they? Just wait til you see the angel pins!

    breena - it was the same as always, except for Grandma's episodes of crazy thinking. 0_0